Milorad Miskovitch Foundation presented the laureates for this year’s awards on March 27 2012 at the National Theater in Belgrade. The ceremony took place on the Big stage after the ballet Don Quixote with audience and numerous guests present, together with entire ensemble of the national house.
The first winners of these prestigious awards are two young principal dancers Jovan Veselinovic and Jovica Begojev, interpreters of all first roles in classical and modern repertory of the theater. Prizes are intended to stimulate professional development of young dancers, to encourage them to continue to enrich and improve their interpretations, technical and artistic achievements.
Mr. Miskovitch has rewarded two young artists with crystal statuettes and money prizes in the amount of 7000 Euros total.
As Mr. Miskovitch was unable to travel to Belgrade the speeches on Foundation and nominees were given by representatives of the Foundation: Marija Jankovic the executive director and Milos Dujaković co-director. The awards presentation was greeted with thunderous applause of the audience.

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